Just Wee Little Update

What Are We Up To?

First of all, episode 2 is gone. It's kaput, plant food, left to buy to buy milk and never came back. It hasn't been discussed what will happen yet but it's a bridge that we'll cross eventually. Outside of this one thing missing, we have been busy and some really fun things have come along.


This will partially be more up to Martin to catch readers up on as most of the progress made has been on the game's internals. That being said, we have had discussions on our overall plot, smaller quests, puzzles, characters etc. and we're making headway on our overall framework. Because of this, we don't have much in terms of visuals right now to share, but do intend to have something for a screenshot Saturday or something in the future. No matter what, progress is being made and we're still confident in what we have coming down the pipe.

Ludem Dare 39

This past weekend, the two of us participated in Ludem Dare. LD is a weekend long event with the end goal of creating a game that fits the theme of the event in 72 hours. We had some fun initial concepts for the theme "Running Out of Power". The initial pitch was a large demon creature rampaging through a city that feeds off of the chaos it creates to keep going. The second was a small ship in the remains of a large space battle and the player navigates a debris field while collecting salvaged materials to continue on.

After fleshing out the space idea more, we arrived to our final concept and what would eventually become our entry: An A.I. that will do what it must to ensure the ship reaches its' final destination. Abandon Ship. You can play a hotfixed version of the game here: https://futilrevenge.itch.io/abandon-ship-ld39 

The sound design on this is something I'm really happy with. In the past, I've had issues with how they turn out. There's just a point where you have to say "That's good enough" and keep going. I was fortunate enough to come across a Reddit post that had a lot of great industrial effects. It took a lot of digging, but I eventually found the individual files I would want for each effect and from there it was just a matter of cutting, and stretching/ shortening. The actual process was relatively simple, but it yielded a neat aesthetic that resembled a handful of media pieces with similar effects.

Overall, it was a very good event for us. It gave us a chance to break off from FLOOR for just a minute, creatively, and do something a bit different. The response from other participants in the event has been very positive. Personally, I'm touched by all their kind words, there's no greater feeling than knowing someone enjoyed something you made. 

What's Left?

Right now, we're just chugging away at each small task we have and going through the motions. A few more updates to Abandon Ship will come relatively soon. FLOOR will continue it's development and we'll have other random things happen and that's it. Even if it gets really quiet here, we're not dead. So check around every so often, Abandon Ship and chill, we'll be back around pretty soon.