Abandon Ship Snags Second Place In LD39!

You read that right folks! Our entry made some pretty decent marks this event and needless to say, we're pretty dang happy about it. Aside from 2nd place overall, we took 2nd place for the Mood category as well. As a duo developing a creepy monstrosity filled hotel game, we're glad to know we're already on the right track. As for the remainder of the placements, we manged to hit in the top 50 in all of our categories except for theme which was 173rd. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Either way, it's been a pretty positive experience for us and we hope we will continue to see this kind of success in the near future. You can play Abandon Ship RIGHT FRIGGEN' NOW BABY by checking out the Games tab up above. It has a few of the bugs worked out of it that were present in our original submission. We do have a few additional plans for it and we will leave updates here and on twitter when that happens. Thanks to any of our fellow jammers who voted on our submission to get us where we are, and best of luck to all participants in the following events.