"Hello? Does Anyone Still Work Here Anymore?"

Actually. Yes.

Long time no see everyone. It's been a hot minute and we're still a minute or so away before we begin carpet bombing this blog with updates over the summer. That being said, we will be briefly peeking our heads in the door to say we're still here with a podcast episode in the next week or so. When I last updated the blog, Episode 2 was in shambles and everything that could have gone moderately wrong, did. After fulfilling a handful of obligations outside of Dark Machine, I went back to attempting to re-cut the episode but there were a number of things wrong. Some of our subject matter was now out of date by nearly a month, we've had more news about development that would have satisfied us come up in the last month and a mixture of other small things. Bottom line is, at this point, we're better off burying Episode 2 in the back yard rather than trying to Weekend at Bernie's it. So there you have it.

What IS coming up soon though, is Ludum Dare and we're hoping to be able to take part in the event this weekend and we may be able to talk a bit about this event and 48 hours in general considering our games library consists almost exclusively of products of those events. In either case, we will be uploading something within the coming week and we will upload as frequently as our schedule allows.

I plan to upload some of my own posts going into detail about FLOOR's sound design and music creation so far as a low budget developer just to keep stirring the pot and provide some fun background. I believe Martin planned on doing a few as well in the next few weeks but as I've said before, we have to prioritize everything outside of this venture for the time being so no solid dates yet but it absolutely will come at some point.

If you're reading this, we thank you from the bottom of our cold, black, hearts for continuing to have a measurable interest in our endeavors. We aren't stopping by any definition, but we do have to slow down when necessary. Thank you all for understanding and we will be back relatively soon with fun stuff.