Blah Blah Updates Blah

"What the hell is happening in there?" is something someone has probably thought in the last few weeks as our stupid amount of silence has graced our social media and podcast series. Well it's only fair that I do that with this so here we bloody go.

Where's Episode 2?

As I type this, episode 2 of our riveting series has actually been recorded for a little less than two weeks. The issues have arisen in editing and early on it was just a hiccup here or there with new ways to attempt to speed up the process and just when everything was actually on the verge of being totally ready to go, everything got messed up. Our voices were thrown out of sync, joke pieces of audio were off by up to ten minute increments, it was a mess. To a degree, it still is but the mess has been most of the way cleaned up. Our recording session was considerably longer as well, which will mean a longer episode for everyone to listen to as well.

As I said, it still needs some work but it has to put on hold for a few days to make way for a short film I've been editing together for the last couple months that is in its final days of assembly and needs my full attention until the deadline next week. So that's basically where episode 2 is. It is going to come late to the party, but we we're confident people will enjoy it nonetheless.

What's Up With FLOOR?

Martin has been slaving over a hot stove baking pies in an attempt to appease ancient deities that will give him the power to create everything he could possibly want for the game.  Jokes aside, we've been discussing implementing systems that will make the co-operative aspects more engaging. An interesting issue that came up was how do you allow players to converse in a tense setting without breaking their immersion. We think we have some ways of getting that in but it will take a little bit of testing. We've also briefly looked at story bits we're hoping to set in stone so we can make some neat elements within the game based around those but we'll have more on that later. I have actually found some very cool plug-ins and after a bit of tweaking, managed to create some pads and atmospheric instruments similar to those that appear in the earlier Silent Hill titles, while I don't totally know what I'll use them for yet, it's very exciting to have a possible audio throwback or two at my disposal. Other than that, not a whole lot else has happened with the game. We've been busy in pretty much every way you can imagine. 

With that, I'm gonna go because it's almost 2AM as I type this, but keep your eyes peeled for the next week when we drop more updates and episode 2 of our podcast. Take care for now.