An Update On Nearly Everything

It's been a full five months since the previous post on this site. Thankfully, the reasons for this are purely because of procrastination and other matters that we have to prioritize but mostly the former. Right now though, nothing is stopping us from pushing a couple of buttons to start a more active online role and I am very pleased to announce a few of these additions to our ever expanding list of links we have to add to sidebars and bios.

Soundcloud and Youtube

The first one of these is the start of our podcast series "BIG, DARK, and LOUD". Martin and I have attempted kicking off a podcast in the past but things like conflicting schedules, files corrupting and overall lack of interesting things to talk about stopped those instances very fast. Evidently, that is no longer the case and we are very happy to say that the first episode is available for streaming right now on Soundcloud which is available here. We are thinking of doing a Q&A segment in a future episode so feel free to send us almost anything on your mind.

The next announcement is the start of a YouTube channel which is, as I type this, currently not up. This channel is planned to be used as an additional upload space for podcast episodes and fun extras that we may feel like making. We actually have a number of things on the table that we thought would be fun to create and put on the channel. The primary reason the channel isn't already up is because I want to get visuals put together for podcast uploads, banners, icons and all that jazz. 

What About FLOOR?

FLOOR is still in active development. It's coming along slowly but surely and we have had some amazing concepts come out of discussions. We're going to have new stuff to share hopefully soon and regularly. I will be making a post or two about the sound design and music of the game and Martin will have some cool visuals and game play bits to talk about. 

That's going to be it for right now. Keep your eyes and ears open in this neck of the woods for the next couple of weeks. It's gears are turning, and eye is wide open.


- Jack